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Q&A #2 - Postnatal Care for New mothers

I am a new mother and a working mom. I am struggling to cope up with the new routine and I am having severe back pain. Are there any traditional Ayurveda practices that can help me and my baby with postnatal care?

What causes these pains: Certain breastfeeding postures, holding the baby, bending and twisting can cause strains in the muscles and ligaments that support the spine. Also due to hormone imbalance symptoms like swelling, back pain, weight gain, and mood changes are quite common.

How do Ayurveda treatments help: Ayurveda treatments focus on balancing the deranged Vata dosha after delivery, restoring the Agni, and improving lactation. These treatments help you to get quality sleep thereby reducing irritability or depression. The post-delivery massage for mom and baby is to restore the strained internal organs, bring back the muscles to their original condition, and get back to their physical and emotional fitness. The accumulated stress when not taken care of will lead to chronic psychological problems in the future.

What medicines do you recommend: Dhanvantaram kashayam, Pancha jeeraka gudam, Dasamoola aristam, and Satavari gulam are generally advised based on the person's body type and requirement. These medicines help to increase energy levels, prevent hemorrhoids and will strengthen the back as well as the reproductive organs. Ayurvedic body massage, bathing with medicated water by adding Nalpamaradi churnam, belly wrapping, and warm kizhi is applied to reduce the pain and to tone the muscles thereby also reducing the stretch marks.

What diet and lifestyle changes are required: In addition to warm healthy cooked food, you can add Satavari, nutmeg, coriander, cumin seed, turmeric, and basil. Raw foods can be avoided for a week and later can be gradually added based on the metabolism. A healthy lifestyle with a nutritious diet, rest, maintaining a healthy weight, and good exercise is essential.

What other conditions should I be aware of: Early detection in those with a genetic predisposition of autoimmune conditions will help to prevent the onset of diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroiditis. If there is a history of gestational diabetes - please exercise regularly and control your weight. Correction in posture must be done to prevent back pain in the upper back. Regular checkups as advised by the gynecologist must be followed.

If you have any of the above symptoms, please reach out to me. Happy to help.

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